class ideas

In a class about creativity (improvisation), it’s only natural to take some creative approaches to learning and assessing learning.  As we discussed in class on Friday morning, please add a comment listing 5 creative alternatives to preparing for and taking a test covering concepts and terminology.  The answer to every “can I” sort of question is yes, provided you are not going to hurt yourself or someone else in the process, and that it is possible to do.

In class I mentioned one of my past favorites, in which a student showed his understanding of the qualities of a good strings teacher and  orchestra program by writing a short story in which Dr. Evil (yes, the one from the Austin Powers movies) interviewed candidates to teach in the Evil School System.


Here are the notes Kate took (many thanks, Kate!) on our discussion today.  Blog away with further ideas and comments:

Class Ideas:

Use all the space in the room (change setup of chairs, etc.)
Open conversations/discussions/forums
Hands-on activities
Student-led lecture when appropriate
Learn by doing (improvising)
Anti-teacher domination 🙂
Group work/presentations
Daily change in classroom setup/seating arrangements
Have options (with assignments)
Group listening and discussion to compare ideas/interpretations
Lack of structure
No homework (paper work)
Become closer/grow with our instruments
Improv techniques
Master class with guest artists

Your ideas that you mentioned:

Teacher as facilitator/coach
Guest lectureres/artists
Project idea-Make a website with audio and video of our work/improv
Reading and presenting
History reading and performing
Thompson is reserved on Wednesdays
152 always reserved for class
Multimedia projects

That’s all I got!  Hope that’s everything.