. . . as you prepare to write your essay, have a oral-exam conversation with me, or do whatever it is you will do to synthesize your learning so far.

Music for People: www.musicforpeople.org
Music for People improv techniques: http://www.musicforpeople.org/articles/imptech.html
Music for People “Bill of Musical Rights”: http://www.musicforpeople.org/rights.html
Other Music for People articles: http://www.musicforpeople.org/articles.html

My online book draft: http://classicalimprov.blogspot.com (it is searchable, so you can look for material on various subjects we’ve discussed).

Christopher Small’s “Musicking” lecture: http://www.musekids.org/musicking.html

This blog. Some posts are categorized. And you can also search for a particular term and see what I’ve written in a class synopsis or a class member has posted in a comment.

Grove Music Online
Improvisation article
Division article

Imaginary Museum of Musical Works
Alex Ross, the music critic of The New Yorker, wrote a review a few years back in which he gave an excellent summary of Lydia Goehr’s thesis, which also informs the rest of his review.  You can read it on his blog at http://www.therestisnoise.com/2004/04/andrew_manze_1.html .