Monday’s class is fairly easy to describe succinctly. If you missed class, just go ahead and do the following on your own:

We warmed up by singing F drones, and improvising vocally and instrumentally in F Lydian.

Monday, we had done our “reduction” of the four chants (removing the melismas and comparing what was left) to deduce the (hypothetical) original syllabic chant. We played and sang (using the Latin “Domine” text in Ia and Ib) that syllabic chant. We then played and sang the Ia and Ib versions of the chant, section by section–first several people played on their instrument the melismatic version as written, then we sang as a group.

Important in both singing and playing were our opportunities to explore both flow and phrasing in our initial music making.

Finally, we took sections of the syllabic chant and improvised our own melismas.

And looking ahead:

Wednesday 2/28:

1) Discussion re: developing your individual focus (read your email for more details)

2) Group improv, including on the chant rom ex. 1 in the Ferand

3) Play/sing Ferand ex. 2, 3, 4

4) Voice students perform the additional ex. from section II they picked

5) choose 2 or 3 from exs. 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, and 20 to do Friday (so please look through them)


1) Goehr Chapter 5 Sec. IV

2) Ferand exs. as chosen Wed

3) group improv